Pours a perfect beer

Let’s face it, it’s always under scrutiny how good your beer pouring is when you’re topping up your friends.

Don’t stress because the Kurve Pitcher pours a dream with a creamy head and all! We’ve poured hundreds… maybe thousands of beers and time and time again they come up looking just fine!

Four sizes – Holds 1700ml, 1140ml, 900ml & new 64oz:

When did pitchers get smaller? Well they didn’t but they don’t seem to even fill the round and let’s be honest; it’s always hard to decide who gets the last bit of beer; the fast drinker or slow talker. Either way you’re back at the bar asking for another…. Wish someone made a larger pitcher hey? Wait a minute!

Comfortable to hold and pour:

Yeah okay so I’ve never heard anyone say, “Ouch this pitcher hurts” but it’s important enough for us to think about when we were in design… So, I’ll wrap this one up quick; Comfortable… tick!

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